Issue 1 of our journal is now available as a free download

We have made our first Brimington (and Tapton) Miscellany journal available as a a free down load. Number 1 was first published in late 2008 and covers:

  • The golden age of the little shop (in Brimington)
  • The Canal Tavern
  • Brimington’s pop and jam factory on Coronation Road
  • Brimington’s Coronation tree (outside the Three Horse Shoes)
  • Memorial to William Cropper, Brimington Cemetery
  • The ‘Skull and Cross Bones’ bridge at Tapton
  • Brimington’s new Church hall (an article transcribed from the Derbyshire Times of 1912)
  • Chronicle of local events from September 2007 to August 2008 includes extended comments on the demolition of the Prince of Wales public house, and the East Midlands mainline signalling scheme as it impacted on the Midland mainline railway at Tapton.

When we formed our local history group we always wanted it be a little bit more than just a meeting group. So an early project was an attempt to produce a yearly journal. Late 2008 saw our first attempt. We are still going strong over ten years later, with the same mix of historical items and chronicle of local events for the year that the journal covers.

All members receive a copy of the journal free of charge for the year that their subscription to the group is valid for. Other copies can be purchased by anyone. Though we are attempting to keep all journals in print, we may progressively make the older editions available via a download.

We hope you enjoy the first edition, which is available from our downloads page. But please note that the contact addresses within it may not now be valid.

We would like to thank the authors of articles in Brimington (and Tapton) Miscellany 1 for permission to make their contributions freely available. We are going to add further downloads to our website in the coming months, so please keep an eye out for these.

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