You will find information on our yearly journal – Brimington and Tapton Miscellany – which is published every year – on this page.
Brimington and Tapton Miscellany is published every year.

Our A4 size fully illustrated journal – Brimington and Tapton Miscellany – contains historical articles along with a chronicle of events for each particular year the journal is published for.

Listed below are each Miscellany’s contents. Some extracts are available to download, along with other resources about the area.

All copies of Miscellany are still available to purchase. To obtain past editions of Miscellany please use our contacts page.

Members of the group automatically receive a free copy of Miscellany for the year that their subscription covers.

Miscellany 1 – for 2008 (published autumn 2008 – 40 pages – £3 plus postage).
  • The golden age of the little shop – David Slater
  • The Canal Tavern – Philip Cousins
  • Bottles and jars – Brimington’s pop and jam factory – Philip Cousins 
  • Brimington’s Coronation tree – Philip Cousins
  • Memorial to Willam Cropper, Brimington Cemetery – Philip Cousins
  • The ‘Skull and Cross Bones’ bridge at Tapton – Philip Cousins
  • Brimington’s new Church hall
  • Chronicle of local events from September 2007 to August 2008 includes extended comments on the demolition of the Prince of Wales public house, and the East Midlands signaling scheme as it impacted on the Midland mainline railway at Tapton.

This edition is available as a free download from the page by clicking here.

Miscellany 2 – for 2009 (published January 2010 – 48 pages – £3 plus postage).
  • Some observations on the Derby Tup and the Brimington Mummers’ plays – Philip Cousins and Peter Harrison
  • Brimington Cricket Club – Derbyshire cup winners 1887 and 1888 – Janet Murphy
  • From elementary education to further education (Brimington schools) – Alan Sharp
  • Three of Brimington’s Second World war heroes – Peter Harrison
  • Does anyone remember the Hedley House Treat? – Jean Crossley and Philip Cousins
  • Further notes on the ‘Skull and Cross Bones’ bridge at Tapton – Philip Cousins
  • Chronicle of local events from September 2008 to the end of December 2009. Includes extended comments on the demolition of Staveley Works, closure of Brimington Common Post Office and the discovery of a well during extension works to the Brimington Surgery.

This edition is now available as a free download from the page by clicking here.

Miscellany 3 – for 2010 (published January 2011 – 66 pages – £4 plus postage).
  • Recreation grounds in Brimington – Alan Sharp
  • Some local sports personalities – Elizabeth Pemberton
  • Farewell Sheepbridge and Brimington Station – Philip Cousins
  • ‘The Peace Window’ at St. Michael & All Angels Church, Brimington – Ann and Keith Noble
  • My memories of Tapton City – Walter Turton
  • An historical note on Tapton City – Philip Cousins
  • Chronicle of local events during 2010 includes extended comments on the Hollingwood lock-house refurbishment; the now demolished Ringwood Centre, Victoria Street, New Brimimgton and Brockhill Court, Chapel Street.
Miscellany 4 – for 2011 (published January 2012 – 68 pages – £5 plus postage).
  • ‘A kid from Cott. Lane’ – growing up in Brimington during the 1930s and the war years – Peter Harrison
  • Some Brimington doctors – Elizabeth Pemberton and Philip Cousins
  • Prisoners of the First World War captured at Brimington – Philip Cousins, with information from the late Alan Wetton
  • Update from previous Miscellany including Canal Row, Derby Tup and mummers’ plays, Sheepbridge and Brimington Station, ‘Skull and Cross-bones’ bridge
  • Chronicle of local events for 2011 includes extended comments on the Hollingwood lock-house project, 40th anniversary of Brimington library, official opening of Springwell Community School, publication of Lynn Knight’s memoir based in Brimington ‘Lemon sherbet and dolly blue: the story of an accidental family’
Miscellany 5 – for 2012 (published January 2013 – 82 pages – £6 plus postage).
  • What more can I say? Memories of Brimington – Sybil Jackson
  • Bombs over Brimington and other wartime recollections – Peter Harrison
  • What the paper said: The Derbyshire Times reports on the Brimington and Staveley (incendiary) bombs – Philip Cousins
  • Bombs over Brimington: an official story – Philip Cousins
  • A notorious Brimington murder of 1881 – Elizabeth Pemberton
  • Updates from previous Miscellany – including Brimington doctors
  • Chronicle of local events for 2012 includes extended comments on sale of former Apostolic Church, Trebor, Chesterfield local plan and Lynn Knight.
Miscellany 6 – for 2013 (published January 2014 – 56 pages – £6 plus postage).
  • The Brimington Common oilwell – Cliff Lea
  • George Stephenson’s third wife – Elizabeth Pemberton and Philip Cousins
  • Brimington’s contribution to the Ashgate Hospice appeal – Philip Cousins
  • How the Coronation of 1953 was celebrated – Philip Cousins
  • Clubs and players: cricket in Brimington described in 1926 – Philip Cousins
  • Short reminiscences: ‘Clocky Brown’ – Rosemary Stock; Sunday promenade – Robert Kay
  • Chronicle of local events for 2013 includes extended comments on the Eastwood family and C.P. Markham and the end of the Brimington Over 70’s Treat.
Miscellany 7 – for 2014 (published January 2015 – 76 pages – £6 plus postage).
  • A tribute to Walter Turton
  • More memories of Tapton City – 1 – Harold Ede
  • 1939 photographs of Tapton City – courtesy ‘Picture the Past’
  • More memories of Tapton City – 2 – Winifred Green
  • Memories of war-time Brimington – Joan Cheesley
  • Markham’s delivery to Cairo via Brimington – Philip Cousins
  • Water for steam engines from the Chesterfield Canal – Philip Cousins
  • The Miners’ Welfare Recreation Ground and its pavilion – Philip Cousins
  • Updates from previous editions – Sybil Jackson’s memories – Anne Goss
  • Chronicle of local events includes extended comments on demolition of pavilion at Manor Road recreation ground, centenary of Chesterfield Corporation motor bus services, Brimington First World War commemoration events.
Miscellany 8 – for 2015 (published March 2016 –  56 pages – £6 plus postage).
  • A 40 years review of the Brimington Sunday School Union 1872 – 1912 – the late WG Brelsford
  • The Sunday School Union into the 21st century – Philip Cousins
  • W.G. Brelsford – Kerry Brailsford and Philip Cousins
  • A canalside pottery at Brimington – Philip Riden and Philip Cousins
  • R Wetton & Son, Brimington, funeral directors and omnibus proprietors: recollections – the late Alan Wetton
  • Recollections of Land’s shop, 26 High Street, Brimington – Maggie Sanderson
  • Chronicle of local events includes extended comments on Chesterfield canal lock gates and closure of the Brickmakers Arms public house on Manor Road.
Miscellany 9 – for 2016 (published April 2017 – 82 pages – £6 plus postage). 
  • Remembering Brimington’s men on the Somme – Sally and Stuart Mullins 
  • Social housing on Piccadilly Road (Tapton) – Philip Cousins
  • In search of the Victoria Hotel, New Brimington – Paul Freeman
  • Chronicle of local events which includes extended comments on Lodge Farm, Chesterfield Waterside and developments at Tapton golf course.
Miscellany 10 – for 2017 (published April 2018 – 54 pages – £6 plus postage). 
  • A short account of Henry Bradley – Philip Cousins (to down-load this article as a free pdf visit our downloads page). 
  • Brimington’s gala queen of 1967 – Janet Walmsley
  • Our Passchendaele – 2017  – Sally and Stuart Mullins 
  • Recollections of Brimington Common Methodist Church made in 1967 – the late Miss AE Buckley
  • Chronicle of local events includes the closure of the Brimington Sure Start Centre, new house-building on the site of the former Ringwood Centre, cancellation of Midland Mainline electrification, ‘academy’ status for Brimington Junior School and for Brimington Manor Infant & Nursery School.
Miscellany 11 – for 2018 (published September 2019 – 91 pages – £6 plus postage). 
  • Red Cross volunteers in Brimington and Tapton – Paul Freeman.
  • How Brimington commemorated the centenary of the end of the First World War – Sally and Stuart Mullins, Philip Cousins.
  • Chronicle of events in 2018, includes the ‘Heritage Green’ development, NLT Training Services, Ringwood Hall, Brimington ‘Open Gardens’ competition review.
Miscellany 12 – for 2019 (published June 2020 – 82 pages – £6 pus postage).
  • A history of Brimington Congregational Church – Beryl Sharman (the church closed at the end of 2019)
  • Amy’s march for grandpa – Doug Spencer
  • Memories of John Witham – Carl Witham and Ann Sullivan
  • The ‘Spanish Lady’ visits Brimington: how the village was affected by the 1918-1919 flu outbreak, part one – Paul Freeman
  • The world’s biggest coffee morning in Brimington. (Brimington’s Macmillan coffee mornings) – Pamela Wright
  • Chronicle of local events in 2019 (includes the former ‘rammed earth building’ at the bowling green;  house building at ‘Heritage Green’, Manor Road, former Arnold Lavers, Chesterfield Road; Robinsons Caravans; Chesterfield Canal Festival; alterations to interior of Brimington Parish Church; end of East Midlands Trains franchise; local elections; ‘village market’ and others).
Miscellany 13 – for 2020 – (published in October 2021 – 92 pages – £6 plus postage)
  • I’m from hereabouts: a short family history – Anne Goss
  • ‘A shocking and fatal accident’: the Unwin family at Brimington Hall – Barbara Rich
  • St Mary’s mission church, Brimington Common, part one 1878-1945 – Philip Cousins
  • The Spanish Lady visits Brimington: how the village was affected by the 1918-1919 flu outbreak, part two – Paul Freeman
  • Further notes on Brimington Congregational Church and the miners’ welfare recreation ground pavilion
  • Chronicle of local events 2020 (includes artwork at the new ‘Heritage Green’ housing development; housing developments at Manor Drive, ‘Heritage Green’ and on the site of the former egg production facility, Manor Road; Brimington business changes (Robinsons caravans, public houses, Eco Voltz; telephone boxes removed; parish church alterations; railway activity; Crow Lane closure to traffic and inevitably the Coronavirus pandemic.)

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