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Work in progress on next Miscellany

Work is in progress on our 14th edition of …Miscellany. We expect it to be available in September 2022 and about 80 pages in length. In this edition our chronicle of local events will be a little longer then previously, particularly so we can cover what happened in the area regarding Covid. Consequently, we expect that there will only be space for two main articles. These will be:

  • The second part of the history of the now demolished St Mary’s Mission Church, Manor Road. This takes the story forward to the closure of the church in the 1950s and its demolition. The first part was published in Miscellany 13.
  • The start of a history of Dryhurst House and the people who lived there. Dryhurst is the white painted Georgian building which sits to the left-hand side of the entrance to Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Despite its position it is actually historically in Tapton.

Published 23 June 2022.

Our next meeting – September 2022

Meetings are now being held as normal. We are currently on our summer break, but will return in September 2022.

We are also currently formulating our programme of the 2022/2023 season. Details will be published in due course.

See our meetings page for details on subject, times, venue location and admission.

Published 26 November 2021, revised 29 May 2022 and 29 June 2022.

Tapton House

Chesterfield Borough Council is seeking a long (999 years) lease in order to try and assure a sustainable long-term future for Tapton House, which it owns.

The local history group does not have any view on what the future of the house should be, but wishes public access to the parkland to be maintained and the house’s future to be assured, with possibly some selected public access to it.

Published 29 May 2022.

Brimington and Tapton Miscellany 13 – is available

We have published the thirteenth edition of Brimington and Tapton Miscellany.

Articles include the following:

  • I’m from hereabouts: a short family history – Anne Goss
  • ‘A shocking and fatal accident’: the Unwin family at Brimington Hall – Barbara Rich
  • St Mary’s mission church, Brimington Common, part one 1878-1945 – Philip Cousins
  • The Spanish Lady visits Brimington: how the village was affected by the 1918-1919 flu outbreak, part two – Paul Freeman
  • Further notes on Brimington Congregational Church and the miners’ welfare recreation ground pavilion
  • Chronicle of local events 2020 (includes notes about artwork at the new ‘Heritage Green’ housing development; housing developments at Manor Drive, ‘Heritage Green’ and on the site of the former egg production facility, Manor Road; Brimington business changes (Robinsons caravans, public houses, Eco Voltz; telephone boxes removed; parish church alterations; railway activity; Crow Lane closure to traffic and inevitably the Coronavirus pandemic.)
Miscellany 13 includes ‘A shocking and fatal accident’, by Barbara Rich, which covers an unfortunate accident to one of the occupants of Brimington Hall, which occurred in 1846. The hall stood on the current grassed area of land at the bottom of Manor Road and Hall Road. It’s seen here in a sketch of the west elevation, undertaken by the then owner Col. ET Coke, in 1837.

It’s a 92 page illustrated A4 publication, in series with other Miscellanies. Costing £6 (plus postage), copies are available at our Community Centre meetings or by contacting us.

We are very sorry for the delay in publication.

Published 26 November 2021, edited 24 April 2022.

Our website is launched.

We have launched our new website and hope you find it interesting. Our old website was with BT, who have discontinued their free provision from May 2021. We think this is regrettable and now means that we have to pay for this new website facility. In the coming months we will develop this site, with new content and more downloadable articles.

Published 31 January 2021

Older news is below here.

Older news, which may not be current, is below.

Meetings restarted from 23 September 2021.

We restarted our meetings on the evening of Thursday 23 September 2021, with a talk about old Brimington, by Philip Cousins. Around thirty people attended.

Social distancing measures were in place. Seating was placed one metre apart, hand gel was available and signing in (as we normally do). It was not necessary to wear a mask, but everyone was welcome to do so, if they wanted. It’s likely that these measures will adopted for the time-being. We hope that everyone was happy with these arrangements. We were certainly glad to see those attending after what seems a very long period without members and visitors.

As a reminder, we meet at Brimington Community Centre, High Street, Brimington, S43 1DB, starting at 7.30 pm – doors opening at 7 pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Members are charged £1 admission, non-members £3. Tea and coffee are included (though a small donation towards this is always welcome).

See our meetings page for full details of our programme.

Published 28 September 2021.

What is happening regarding membership fees for 2021?

We have had an informal committee meeting to discuss what to do about membership fees. At the moment we are recommending to our members the following:

  • That membership fees for paid up members will be rolled over until December 2021.
  • At our December 2021 AGM we will be asking the membership to endorse a move to a membership and financial year cycle commencing in September of each year. This will mean that we will be asking for a subscription renewal from existing members of £8 to take their membership to August 2022. Annual renewals of £12 will thereafter be due in September of each year.
  • New members will be asked to pay the full year’s subscription of £12 when joining.
  • The AGM will still be held at the December meeting in each year.
  • Miscellany will continue to be distributed free of charge to members who were fully paid up for the relevant publication year.

We hope that these recommended changes will mean our members will not be financially disadvantaged by the curtailment of activities during the Covid pandemic. The changes to a September start date for membership will enable us to prepare our financial reports in good time for the December AGM and run subscriptions in-line with the commencement of our meeting programme each September.

We’ll be working through these proposals in greater detail before the AGM, except the first point, which will be adopted from our September 2021 meeting.

Please let your committee members know if you have any questions or comments relating to these proposed changes. You can also use our contact form.

Published 14 September 2021. Revised 15 and 21 September 2021.

ATC History

As part of the 1082 Brimington & District Squadron of Air Training Corp’s (ATC) 80th anniversary, they are researching the squadron’s history.  If you have any information that might help the ATC, please email

Since we published this item the squadron has been disbanded. Sadly we have no idea on what happened to the historical information that had been gathered as a result of work that they had undertaken.

Published 06 February 2021, updated 29 May 2022.

Coronavirus meetings programme update – no meetings until at least September 2021.

The local history group committee has regrettably concluded that we cannot hold any meetings until further notice. If safe, we will look to reopen for meetings in September 2021. This, however, depends on a number of factors which includes government advice and regulations, the Brimington Community Centre being reopened and our own risk assessments. We hope that our members and visitors will understand this decision, which has also been taken by many other similar organisations. We will keep you up-to-date with developments as an when they occur.

First published 19 August 2020, revised 19 October 2020 and 13 January 2021.

We’ve added another free download. This one explores the history of the site of the former Labour rooms and Brimington Spiritualist Church on John Street.

Following a request for information on 37A and 37B John Street, Philip Cousins produced this brief history of the site. It includes references to a short-lived rival to the Brimington Club, the Air Training Corps, Brimington Labour Party and the Brimington Spiritualist Church, who all found their home on this plot of land. The concise account also touches on the Brimington Freehold Land Society, which at one time owned the land. The involvement of this society is one reason why John Street had little in the way of the terraced housing found on Foljambe Road and Heywood Street. This brief account has not been published in Miscellany.

To down-load the article as a pdf visit our downloads page. 

Published 19 October 2020.

Brimington’s pop and jam factory history published on-line

We have made available, as a free download, a history of Brimington’s short-lived mineral water, followed by equally short-lived preserve (jam) manufactories. These two sequential businesses were on Coronation Road and operated in the early 20th century. The account has been extracted from Brimington and Tapton Miscellany 1, (for 2008).

To down-load the article as a pdf visit our downloads page. 

Published 19 August 2020.

Henry Bradley article available to download.

We have made available a free down-load from an article in Brimington and Tapton Miscellany 10, (for 2018) by Philip Cousins on Henry Bradley.

To down-load the article as a pdf visit our downloads page. 

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