GE Brown’s coaching and garage business

In this blog we look at GE (‘Clocky’) Brown’s small coaching and motor business, which he ran from a garage on Chesterfield Road, Brimington. We start with Doug Spencer’s look at an ex London bus, later used by Brown. This is followed by a general note on Brown’s history by Philip Cousins. Can any ofContinue reading “GE Brown’s coaching and garage business”

The Chesterfield Brewery Company’s Brimington and Hollingwood connections

Chesterfield pub and brewery historian John Hirst’s new book on the Chesterfield Brewery Company, includes some Brimington, Tapton and Hollingwood references.  John’s new 28-page book ‘Chesterfield Brewery – the story of Chesterfield’s second largest brewery’ – chronicles its rise and fall. Also included is information on some of the directors, including the Mills (of TaptonContinue reading “The Chesterfield Brewery Company’s Brimington and Hollingwood connections”

Issue 1 of our journal is now available as a free download

We have made our first Brimington (and Tapton) Miscellany journal available as a a free down load. Number 1 was first published in late 2008 and covers: The golden age of the little shop (in Brimington) The Canal Tavern Brimington’s pop and jam factory on Coronation Road Brimington’s Coronation tree (outside the Three Horse Shoes)Continue reading “Issue 1 of our journal is now available as a free download”

Brimington’s Red Lion public house nearly 60 years ago

What was the Red Lion public house like nearly 60 years ago? There’s a glimpse in a newspaper cutting we’ve added to our downloads section (but you can also access it below). A reporter from The Star Chesterfield Magazine, of 14 March 1963, popped in to the Red Lion public house. Geoffrey Nash interviewed landlordContinue reading “Brimington’s Red Lion public house nearly 60 years ago”