Brimington’s Red Lion public house nearly 60 years ago

The Red Lion in 1963. From The Star Chesterfield Magazine. Note the stone wall to the front of the pub – to the left.

What was the Red Lion public house like nearly 60 years ago?

There’s a glimpse in a newspaper cutting we’ve added to our downloads section (but you can also access it below). A reporter from The Star Chesterfield Magazine, of 14 March 1963, popped in to the Red Lion public house.

Geoffrey Nash interviewed landlord Joe Tyler, who started out in showbusiness and once appeared on the same bill as Noel Coward. There’s brief mentions of some other Red Lion ‘regulars’ – included are Hadyn Riley, Bert and Ann Owen and Leonard Rasen. There’s a few photographs as well including Bill Carter, who had his own £2,500 electronic organ in the pub!

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