Sally the elephant’s Tapton wash and brush-up

One of the more unusual items in the Science Museum Group collection is a photograph of Sally the elephant just about to enter a hand car wash in 1962. This is viewable fully by following the link here. What’s this got to do with Brimington and Tapton you may well ask? In fact examination ofContinue reading “Sally the elephant’s Tapton wash and brush-up”

Some lost Brimington street names

In this blog we take a selective look at some Brimington street names, particularly focussing on those that are lost. We’ll be using the 1881 census as our baseline. The census Anyone reading the census enumerators’ returns will be able to fairly quickly build up a picture of who lived where and what they did,Continue reading “Some lost Brimington street names”

The Brimington Foster Fathers

In this blog we take a look at a little known Brimington initiative to help the children of First World War widows. We also briefly look at a largely forgotten, but once influential Brimington couple – the Tissingtons. The 1921 census (if you can afford it) Firstly, let’s get something off our chest! After 100Continue reading “The Brimington Foster Fathers”

A bit of history for free

When we started our local history group we wanted to have regular meetings with guest speakers, but also leave something of a legacy for the future. So we decided to try and publish a yearly journal. Our Brimington and Tapton Miscellany is the result. Since it was first published in the autumn of 2008 it’sContinue reading “A bit of history for free”

Our disappearing telephone boxes

What’s happened to our telephone boxes? They’ve all gone. But has anyone really missed them? One thing that has dramatically changed in the last 30 years or so is our ability to communicate with each other. The use of the mobile telephone, with its access to the internet, has revolutionised the way we buy thingsContinue reading “Our disappearing telephone boxes”

Traditions of Christmas and New Year past remembered

For our final post of 2021, we take a brief look at the Christmas and new year tradition formerly practised in Brimington and indeed Derbyshire – the Derby Tup. We’ll also take a brief look at so-called ‘mummers’ plays’. The Derby Tup Thanks to the late Peter Harrison we were able to record his memoriesContinue reading “Traditions of Christmas and New Year past remembered”

Lime ash flooring at The Farm, High Street, Brimington

You’ve probably never heard of lime-ash flooring, but if you’ve ever been to Hardwick Hall you will definitely have walked on it. In this blog we take a look at this type of flooring, once employed fairly extensively, using 24 and 24a High Street (formerly known as The Farm) as an example. Lime ash flooringContinue reading “Lime ash flooring at The Farm, High Street, Brimington”

Latest Brimington and Tapton Miscellany journal is now available

After much delay we have just published the thirteenth edition of our yearly Brimington and Tapton Miscellany. It’s now our 13th edition. Articles include the following: I’m from hereabouts: a short family history – Anne Goss ‘A shocking and fatal accident’: the Unwin family at Brimington Hall – Barbara Rich St Mary’s mission church, BrimingtonContinue reading “Latest Brimington and Tapton Miscellany journal is now available”

Trinity Church Jubilee Brochure available to download

We have been able to make available a jubilee history of the former Trinity Methodist Church at Brimington (1896-1946) in our downloads section and at the bottom of this page. This building will be very familiar to those who attend our meetings. For it’s actually the building where we meet, but it was once aContinue reading “Trinity Church Jubilee Brochure available to download”

Road sign points to local government’s past in Brimington

The road sign, on display in the Brimington Community Centre entrance foyer, shown in our photograph, was saved by the parish council in 1990. In this blog we’ll take a look at its significance – as it’s a reminder of Brimington’s past local government arrangements. The sign’s significance On the sign you’ll see, in redContinue reading “Road sign points to local government’s past in Brimington”