Trinity Church Jubilee Brochure available to download

We have been able to make available a jubilee history of the former Trinity Methodist Church at Brimington (1896-1946) in our downloads section and at the bottom of this page.

This building will be very familiar to those who attend our meetings. For it’s actually the building where we meet, but it was once a Methodist Church.

In 1946 the 1896 Trinity Methodist Church celebrated its jubilee. One shilling would have bought you this eight-page history. Now you can download it for free.

Methodism was once the most prolific of the various religious congregations in the parish. It was seen as being more aligned to the working classes than was the Church of England. There was a so-called ‘rupture’ of the congregations in the early 19th century. In Brimington this eventually led to construction of chapels for the Wesleyan, Primitive and Free Methodists.

Our meeting place – the present Brimington Community Centre – was a Wesleyan chapel. It was built in two halves – with a school room (fronting Heywood Street) opened in 1881 and the main church – fronting High Street – in 1896.

It wasn’t all sweetness and light between the various Methodist congregations. There was a bit of a fall-out in Brimington, where the Free Methodists took possession of a Wesleyan chapel – probably now the Ark Tavern public house. As this happened elsewhere and the Wesleyans became keen to get their buildings back, a test case was pursued nationally. Brimington was chosen as that case.

You can read a little more about it in the jubilee brochure. Suffice to say the Wesleyans got their chapel back and the Free Methodists consequently constructed their own building in 1861.

In the 1960s the three village Methodist congregations came together to worship in Trinity.  A new church was constructed on Hall Road. It opened in 1967, on the site of the former Mount Zion Methodist Free Church. Chesterfield Rural District Council subsequently compulsory purchased the old Trinity Church. It was sold on to the Parish Council and converted into the Brimington Community Centre.

There’s a summary of the various religious congregations in Brimington in our brief history of Brimington.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Jubilee brochure, which appears here courtesy of Margaret Harwood.

To download the brochure click on the link below.

This post was edited on 12 November 2021 to add a hyperlink and a direct link to enable the brochure to be downloaded from this page.

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