Some lost Brimington street names

In this blog we take a selective look at some Brimington street names, particularly focussing on those that are lost. We’ll be using the 1881 census as our baseline. The census Anyone reading the census enumerators’ returns will be able to fairly quickly build up a picture of who lived where and what they did,Continue reading “Some lost Brimington street names”

The Brimington Foster Fathers

In this blog we take a look at a little known Brimington initiative to help the children of First World War widows. We also briefly look at a largely forgotten, but once influential Brimington couple – the Tissingtons. The 1921 census (if you can afford it) Firstly, let’s get something off our chest! After 100Continue reading “The Brimington Foster Fathers”

The census story – 4 – missing but not lost

In this short blog we present a download that reconstructs the summary sheets missing from the 1891 census on Ancestry. In the 1891 census, in spite of being well aware of the issues detailed in our previous blogs, our researcher Paul Freeman failed to find several Brimington residents on the website Ancestry. Eventually he discoveredContinue reading “The census story – 4 – missing but not lost”