The census story – 4 – missing but not lost

In this short blog we present a download that reconstructs the summary sheets missing from the 1891 census on Ancestry.

In the 1891 census, in spite of being well aware of the issues detailed in our previous blogs, our researcher Paul Freeman failed to find several Brimington residents on the website Ancestry. Eventually he discovered them on the FindMyPast website without any difficulty.

Further research established that three census summary sheets are missing on Ancestry. Between them they contain details of 93 residents. A not insignificant number – particularly if you are searching for one of the individuals!

Paul has transcribed the missing sheets which are available on our download page and by clicking the download button below.

Another small problem was also revealed by Paul’s research. This concerns the enumeration of a so-called canal lock house on Newbridge Lane, which we will look at in our next blog.

This series of blogs on the census will form a longer illustrated article in the 2022 Brimington and Tapton Miscellany 14, by Paul Freeman. Our thanks to Paul for researching the information in this blog)

The previous blogs have been

The census story – 1 (a general introduction) was published on 31 March and can be found here.

The census story – 2 – organisation in Brimington, was published on 31 April and can be found here.

The census story 3 – missing presumed lost? Was published on 11 April and can be found here.

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