New book on Hasland publishes at free event on 15 June

A new book on the history of Hasland, a formerly a large parish sitting next to Tapton, is to be published at a launch event on 15 June. This blog looks briefly at the book.

The Hasland book features a painting of the now disappeared Spital House, pretty much opposite Spital Co-op, Spital Lane, on its front cover.

Published on behalf of the Derbyshire Victoria County (VCH) Trust, it’s hoped that the book will be the the beginning of a series on parishes and townships around Chesterfield, including our own area – Brimington and Tapton. The Trust considers that they are ‘spin-off’ publications from the still intended main series of ‘big red books’ on the Chesterfield area.

The book looks at Hasland’s history through the ages, charting the many communities that once made up its historic area – Spital, Hady, Boythorpe, Grassmoor, Winsick, Birdholme and Corbriggs. The beginnings of the township, its growth, economic history, religion, education, landownership and local government are amongst topics covered. Large-scale industry like the former Chesterfield Tube Works gets a mention, along with the less well known story of local mining, the Broad Oaks furnaces near Storforth Lane and many others.

VCH believes that it is fullest account of the history of Hasland published so far and the first ever attempt to write the history of Grassmoor or Birdholme.

The book includes research by a group of volunteers (some of whom are members of our local history group), under the guidance of VCH county editor Philip Riden. This is the second publication as a result of this work, but it is the first to look at an actual area of Chesterfield and the north eastern part of the county.

The book is being launched at a free to attend event, open to all, on 15 June, at the Devonshire Arms, Mansfield Road, Hasland. Starting at 7.30 pm, Philip Riden will give a brief talk about Hasland’s history.

At some 200 pages with colour illustrations and maps, the A4 sized hardback book will be available to purchase at the launch and afterwards at Waterstones in Chesterfield and the town’s Tourist Information Centre, priced at £20 and from the publisher Merton Priory Press (

It’s worth remembering that VCH isn’t just about Victorian history – it covers all periods. It was founded in 1899 as a national project to write the history of every parish in every county in England. It was originally dedicated to Queen Victoria and after her death to her memory, hence its name. Today the volumes are also dedicated to the Queen. We’ve also been able to use the fruits of some of the VCH research in our website and are members of the supporting charitable trust.

The Trust’s first publication in this ‘spin-off series’, Chesterfield’s Streets and Houses, is still available. The next spin-off book will be an account of Temple Normanton and Calow.

Hasland parish formerly covered a large area – all of which receives attention in the book.

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