Sources for Brimington’s and Tapton’s history

In this post we discuss planned developments to our site, which includes a page on sources for Brimington’s and Tapton’s history.

Our present vice-chairman ‘pulled together’, as he likes to call it, what some have nicked named ‘the yellow Brimington book’ some years ago. This was published by Brimington Parish Council in order to mark its centenary, but it wasn’t actually published until a year later in 1995. It still remains a useful source to this day.

Around 1,000 copies were produced. Photographs and maps were featured, many with extended captions. The Derbyshire Record Office contributed a brief history of the parish. A bibliography (sources for the history of Brimington) was also carried and it’s this that we want to update in the future, along with a section on Tapton. See how we do in the coming months!

The book, by-the-way, has been out of print for many years, but you can still sometimes purchase second-hand copies form website such as Ebay and Abebooks.

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